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Apartments and residences for rent in Krakow

Wynajem apartamentów to pewna inwestycja i stabilizacja finansowa

Offering a rental home is a sure investment and brings tangible benefits. To be more profitable, you need to demonstrate a lot of practical knowledge and commitment, which translates into numerous responsibilities and time spent managing the property.

With the support of our team of professionals, you maximize your profits, not only in the form of a real return on your capital but also with added value such as investment confidence and financial stability.

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To whom we help?

Managing apartments and residents in Krakow

We specialize in managing apartments and residents in Krakow from 2010

We have many years of experience in real estate management. We provide apartments and residences for corporate clients for medium and long-term rent.
The staff of Palace Apartments Krakow will provide full service and take over the duties of the owner of the apartment or residence. Our staff will do their best to make the process of renting smooth, transparent and effective, giving you full satisfaction and joy of having your property in Krakow.

Before the rental period:

  • We will meet your needs,
  • We will meet your financial conditions and expectations,
  • We will present you a range of solutions and capabilities that you can use,
  • We provide you with professional advice,
  • We find the optimal rental model for your property,
  • We find a good tenant, using the cooperation with trusted intermediaries,
  • We check tenants' references,
  • We thoroughly clean the apartment and prepare it for rent,
  • We insure the property,
  • We make a lease agreement,
  • We take a security deposit,
  • We make the appropriate protocol to transfer the tenant's premises.

Rental period:

  • Every month we will transfer to your account a fixed amount of rent,
  • We pay all administrative and rent fees,
  • We will be in constant contact with the administration of the building,
  • We will represent you at the meetings of the housing community,
  • We will take care of the apartment during the lease and we will take care of his condition,
  • We will provide a cleaning service
  • We will exchange bed linen and towels,
  • We will carry out regular repairs, we will also rectify defects of household appliances.

After the rental period:

  • We will take care of the lokal by making the appropriate protocol,
  • We will deal with the final payment settlement,
  • We will determine any outstanding arrears and we will ensure their repayment,
  • We will fill the gaps in the equipment, we will refresh (paint) the entire premises or selected parts.

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