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Apartments and residences for rent in Krakow

Rental apartments are a sure investment and financial stabilization.

Offering a rental home is a sure investment and brings tangible benefits. To be more profitable, you need to demonstrate a lot of practical knowledge and commitment, which translates into numerous responsibilities and time spent managing the property.

With the support of our team of professionals, you maximize your profits, not only in the form of a real return on your capital but also with added value such as investment confidence and financial stability.

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To whom we help?

Interior design

Design and comprehensive implementation of the interior

In designing and realization of apartments and residents we specialize since 2010. During this time we have learned to listen to the needs and expectations of our clients. We are observing the latest market trends and skilfully adjusting them to the realities of the Polish market in order to provide optimum solutions, both in terms of aesthetics, functionality and financial optimization of your investment.

Before the project:

  • We carry out the first interview,
  • We make a free appointment for your first meeting at your facility,
  • We are familiar with your expectations,
  • We get to know your budget plans for investment,


  • We present you with the best solutions and ideas you can use in the field of design services,
  • We make an initial design of the interior of the apartment or residence,
  • We prepare a cost estimate of finishing and assembly work,
  • The final design will be made after your acceptance.


  • We buy all necessary materials,
  • We perform finishing works under our supervision and consultations,
  • We make any adjustments, adapting to the ergonomics of the rooms,
  • We purchase and install equipment of apartment or residence,
  • We clean and give the apartment or residence ready for rent or sale.
  • We make a professional photo and film session to present and promote your facility in the best way.
  • We advertised your property in the best online rental and real estate market.
  • We present your apartment or resident to potential tenants.
  • We will sign the lease and carry out other formalities.
  • For the entire duration of the lease, the apartment or residence is under our care and service.

Our realisations

  • Apartament Chivas

  • Apartament Harry

  • Apartament Margarita


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For the entire duration of the lease, the apartment or resident is under our care and service
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